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Dato’ Dr. Suriyakhatun Osman MBBCh, MFHom, Dip Rep Med
Eczema is not a skin problem; it is a systemic problem that originates from a genetic predisposition as well as triggers that impinge upon the subject.
As such a holistic approach which deals with the genetic origins and the triggers are the most rational approach to healing eczema.
What is eczema?
This is a dictionary definition of eczema
“an inflammatory condition of the skin attended with itching and the exudation of serous matter.
(pathol) a skin inflammation with lesions that scale, crust, or ooze a serous fluid, often accompanied by intense itching or burning
Derived Forms
eczematous (ɛkˈsɛmətəs) adjective
Word Origin
from New Latin, from Greek ekzema, from ek- out + zein to boil; see yeast”
It has been described as a condition in which the immune system over reacts to substances in the environment as well as in the food. Essentially it is a skin condition in which there is itching with the formation of vesicles followed by scratching and excoriation which results in oozing of serious matter. Infection complicates and worsens the condition.
It usually affects babies and young children because their skin has less ceramides than older children and adults. This makes their skins more sensitive and causes it to excoriate more easily when scratched.
Having said that, it can affect people of any age and when it affects the older age group, it is generally thought that is not curable and can only be controlled by immunosuppressant drugs and creams as well as antihistamines.
There is a genetic predisposition that makes a person more likely to get eczema and a family history of allergic or atopic conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, urticarial makes a person more like to get eczema when they are exposed to various triggers that initiate the disease.
Conventional treatment seeks to suppress the over reactive immune system by means of immunosuppressive agents and antihistamines and antibiotics .
Mild cases are treated with topical applications which include emollients and also steroid creams. These however usually contain substances that are actually harmful to the skin for example propylene glycol and mineral oils.
Some skin specialists and pediatricians may advise allergy tests and avoidance of allergens in the food and environment. Immunologists would pay more attention to the allergens and may have methods of desensitization.
The condition tends to resolve itself as the patient grows older, usually because of the change in the target cells and as the eczema clears up, asthma or other allergies may become more prominent.
While the disease is not life threatening in most cases, the quality of lilfe of the eczema sufferer and their care givers is considerably diminished and in very many cases their whole like revolves around the eczema.
In some cases of eczema in infants however, it takes its toll in more serious manners such as malabsorption, failure to thrive and delayed milestones.

The Homeopathic approach to eczema.
The first thing a homeopath does is to take a full history. This will include the following items:
1. Mum pregnancy history
2. Birth history
3. Feeding history breast or formula
4. Diseases and interventions
5. Vaccination history
6. Family history
7. Time of itch and associated modalities of itch
8. Distribution and character of the eruptions
9. Perspiration
10. Thirst
11. Character of the stools, frequency etc
12. Temperament and emotions of the patient
13. allergies and intolerances including food
14. Associated conditions and complications
a. Marasmus protein calorie malnutrition
b. Malnutrition Kwashiakor enough carbs not enough proteins baby may be fat
c. Malabsorption
d. Delayed milestones
e. Herpes
f. Bacterial infections
g. Candida
h. Topical steroid withdrawal
Silica Malabsorption, constipated , sheep dung
Calc Carb Sour discharges, cradle cap , eggs aggravate, profuse perspiration, sour
Sulphur Heat aggravates, dry and very itchy
Morgan Pure , Morgan Gaertner Bowel nosodes, clear gut dysbiosis
Merc V Heat and cold intolerance, tend to pus formation
Mezereum Very chilly, moist eczema, purulent and scabs,
Rhus tox Burning itch, versicular, cold bathing aggravates
Sepia Itch when idle, activity ameliorates, milk aggravates,sweaty feet
Berberis aquifolium Skin and blood purifier
Lycopodium Distension bloating, bossy but obey authority nice at school mean at home
Pulsatilla Meat and nuts intolerance weepy clinging poor appetite
Ant Crudum Eczema with digestive symptoms, sensitive to cold bath, urticarial, honey coloured scabs, itch when warm
Dulcamara Itching worse cold, mucous secretions, loose stools, moist eruptions scabs
Oleander Itching scalp , distension with flatus incontinent stools, violent itching and suppressed perspiration
Carcinocin Universal allergies, family history of diabetes autoimmune conditions and cancer
Tuberculinum Indicated when asthma is also present with night sweats
Psorinum Chilly with bad skin and itching when warm in bed
Candida Nosode Ringworm associated and history of oral trush and candida
Cina & other worm remedies Itching nose and anus and presence of works
Staphylococcus Bacterial infections , infected eczema
Streptoccus As above
Thyroidinum Itching when cold, family history of thyroid complaints, delayed milestones not associated with marasmus
Cortisol Abuse of steroids
Cortico-ACTH To reactivate adrenal glands, in cases with severe stress issues

Potency and dosing
• LM s are preferred
• Diluting and increasing intervals between the doses when aggravations or improvements
• Recalibrating the dosing according to the response of the patient

Some considerations
Herpetiform eczema
• Cold sores infect the already present eczema
• HSV 1& 2
• Use the nosodes
• Main antimiasmatic remedies HSV 2
• MERC, Nat-m, Petr, Nit-ac, Calc, Thuj.
• Related remedies
• Sulph, Puls, Sep, Lyc, Phos, Rhus-t, Sil,
• Bell.

Eczema, Ringworm & candida
• Ringworm remedies
• Study the remedies and chose the one closest to the patients signs and symptoms
• This is done by noting the concomitants and the mental emotional picture as well as the physical generals
• A candida diet , prebiotics and probiotics hasten the cure .
Eczema marasmus and delayed milestones
This is a severe condition in which there is either a lack of appetite leading to malnourishment or, malabsorption when the appetite is may be good but there is loss of nutrient from diarrhea and from the skin via the eczema . A state of hypoalbuminuria is present .
This condition warrants hospitalization and homeopathic management has to be applied in tandem with hospital management AND drugs that are not normally recommended need to be deployed until patient is stable enough to treat at home .


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Merawat Eczema – Faktor genetic

Beza antara kulit sihat dan kulit eczema , atopic dermatitis adalah eczema
Beza antara kulit sihat dan kulit eczema , atopic dermatitis adalah eczema

Seperti yang saya tulis seblum ini, eczema bukan timbul dari satu sebab dan mempunyai beberapa punca dan pencetus . Di penulisan ini saya perincikan sumbar dan pencetus yang mana ia boleh menjadi sebuah panduan untuk perawat serta ibu bapa dan pengidap eczema sendiri . Tujuan penulisan ini adalah untuk membantu perawat serta pengidap eczema menangani penyakit ini dengan cara sistematik dan mantap.

Dari kajian, telah didapati bahawa eczema boleh timbul bila ada kelemahan genetik dalam keluarga. Maka bagi anak yang ada adik beradik yang telah dapat eczema atau ibu ayah dan saudara dekat ada eczema maka anak itu berkemungkinan akan dapat eczema.

Telah dikaji dan dibuat kesimpulan bahawa pengidap eczema mempunyai kekurangan ‘ceramide’ dikulit dalam stratum corneum, ia tu lapisan luar kulit . Kekurangan ini menyebabkan kulit mudah kering dan sensitif terhadap bahan bahan kimia seperti yang ada dalam sabun basuh kain.  Kulit juga sensitif kepada habuk dan juga bakteria yang sememangnya bakteria kulit .

Maka amat mudah untuk kulit  menjadi radang serta gatal. Kulit menjadi merah, mengelupas dan kadangkala mengeluar cecair ia itu serum apabila anak itu mengaru atau mengosok mukanya ke bantal .

Diperingkat awal begini, mungkin langkah yang mudah dan berkesan adalah menyapu ‘barrier cream’ yang mengandungi ‘ceramide’. Ini termasuk safflower oil, grapeseed oil, wheatgerm oil,  hemp seed oil dan minyak bijan (sesame oil).  Satu formula mujarab adalah : 1 sudu teh Al manna, 30 ml air bertapis, 30 ml hemp seed  oil atau minyak bijan. Formula ini melekit bila disapu dan selepas beberapa minit akan terus kering . Tidak boleh digunakan sebarang sabun mandian biasa dan produk untuk kulit sensitif perlu digunakan seperti sabun sebamed untuk bayi. Ini pun kena nilai dulu sama ada boleh atau tidak. Kalau masih sensitif, boleh hubungi Spa Muslimah untuk dapatkan rumusan tailor made untuk pesakit eczema.  Link seperti dibawah .

Satu produk yang boleh dibeli di farmasi dan mengandungi ceramide adalah Cetaphil.

Langkah seterusnya adalah mempastikan sabun basuhnya adalah jenis tanpa wangian dan tanpa kimia. Kalau zaman dulu, ibu-ibu akan sagat sabun asli yang berwarna kuning semula jadi yang tanpa wangian dan tanpa kimia.  Kini ada pula eco ball, pencuci kain tanpa sabun yang boleh dicuba.

Untuk tangani masaalah habuk, bilik perlu vacuum selalu dengan vacuum yang ada guna air supaya habuk tidak melayang.  Guna juga lampu garam supaya mengeluarkan ion negatif dalam bilik dan juga sekali sekala ozonkan bilik atau beli penyegar udara yang ada hepar filter  dan guna .

Jika ada alahan pada sebarang makanan, maka makanan tersebut perlu di elak dalam peringkat ini. Ini termasuk ibu yang menyusukan. Sebagai contoh, jika ada ahli keluarga alah udang, maka udang perlu di elak sebab besar kemungkinan anak itu pun alah udang.

Susu formula bukan setakat mengandungi susu tetapi juga mengandungi berbagai kimia yang ditambahkan pada susu. Kimia ini tak boleh tidak akan mengalir melalui darah keseluruh badan termasuk bawah kulit dan akan menyebabkan gatal juga bagi anak yang eczema dan mempunyai stratum corneum yang kurang ceramides.

Langkah seterusnya adalah tangani awal warisan genetik dengan rawatan homeopathy.  Rawatan homeopathy pada peringkat paling awal ini akan menhindarkan penyakit menjadi rumit ( complex ) .

Kes menjadi rumit bila anak di sapukan dengan krim steroid yang akan menipiskan lagi kulit serta antibiotic yang akan menghapuskan mikrobiota baik dalam perut dan perlu di ingatkan bayi kurang dari enam bulan amat alah pada ubatan dan memberinya antihistamine pada umur ini akan menyebabkan ia mengantuk dan kurangkan perkembangannya ( milestones ) .

Akan disambung seterusnya bagi kes yang sudah menjadi rumit atau mempunyai pencetus ( trigger ) yang lain .

Link berguna

Natural Prebiotic, stokist Al Manna dan Taybeat serta Manna Care

Spa Muslimah, boleh membantu rumuskan product barrier creams untuk kulit serta sabun hypoallergenic, made to order


Merawat Eczema – Pendekatan saya

Eczema ada penyakit yang rumit yang mempunyai berbagai sebab dan bukan dari punca sama.

Antara sebab sebab eczema  adalah seperti yang saya sudah sebut sebelum ini, sila rujuk artikel sebelum ini .

Kalau saya senaraikan semula sebab sebab utama ia adalah

1. Usus yang tidak mempunyai mikrobiota yang sepatutnya , ie usus yang kurang sihat dan ini termasuk infestasi dengan cacing . Usus yang kurang sihat akan menunjukkannya dari kembung dan najis yang busuk atau masam serta terlalu keras atau terlalu lembik dengan warna yang bukan kuning terang .

2. Toksin dari makanan atau dari sumber lain, toksin terbagi dua , toksin kimia termasuk bahan dalam vaksin, dalam susu formula, makanan bayi dan juga ubatan terutama antibiotik  dan toksin bio organic, toksin bioorganic dari virus bakteria dan fungus serta sengat binatang . Satu lagi jenis toksin adalah toksin emosi , ini termasuk stress dalam keluarga, ditempat penjagaan dan dirumah, termasuk stress ibu semasa mengandung .

4. Nutrisi kurang semasa dalam kandungan atau semasa bayi

5. Warisan genetic, ini bererti ada ahli keluarga lain yang mengidap eczema, asthma atau penyakit allergi yang lain .

6. Alahan pada bahan makanan akan terjadi sama ada sebagai warian atau melalui leaky gut .

Pendekatan yang saya guna adalah seperti berikut

Pengambilan kes yang lengkap termasuk sejarah ibu semasa mengandung, sejarah sakit serta ubatan, sejarah pemakanan, emosi baby, ketahanan badan pada cuaca, suhu dan lain lain faktor luaran ,  alahan yang nyata.

Pemeriksaan kawasan terlibat, saya akan membuat evaluasi  ada atau tidak infeksi bakteria atau fungal atau virus seperti herpes

Analisa butiran untuk mencari ubat homeopathy yang serasi

Preskripsi berdasarkan analisa

Antara ubatan homeopathy termasuk bowel nosodes, candida nosodes, constitutional treatment,  miasmatic treatment dan lain lain mengikut apa yang ditemui semasa pengambilan kes serta pemeriksaan.

Perlu saya nyatakan, dalam kes eczema, pendekatan yang saya guna adalah integrated .

Ini bererti saya tidak ketepikan ubatan bila perlu  langkah-langkah berikut:

Untuk kes yang ada jangkitan fungus, pengambilan antifungal mungkin cepatkan penyembuhan

Kegunaan antihistamine untuk kawal gatal pada peringkat awal

Kegunaan potassium permanganate untuk keringkan yang berair

Kegunaan herba seperti kunyit dan echinacea untuk kawal infeksi bakteria

Kegunaan gum arabic, lactulose dan probiotic untuk betulkan mikrobiota usus

Ubat cacing mebendazole untuk bunuh cacing di ikuti dengan ubat homeopathy untuk cegah ulangan jangkitan .

Pine tar gel ( pintearsol ) untuk mandian

Manna care untuk sapu

dan lain-lain lagi

Saya tidak gunakan steroids tapi kalau pesakit sedang on steroids saya tidak galakkan berhenti mendadak tapi berhenti dengan berasansur disamping membuat pembetulan pada usus. Jika berhenti mendadak dan terus ambil ubat homeopathy, gejala topical steroid withdrawal ( TSW) akan bercampur dengan gejala detox dan eczema akan jadi teruk dulu sebelum baik .

Semasa detox, bila ada gejala bertambah merah, bertambah gatal atau jadi berair selepas sudah kering, JANGAN ULANG UBAT HOMEOPATHY  sehingga gejala detox ini reda. Sebarang ulangan ubat semasa ia sedang gejala detox akan menyebabkan ianya bertambah teruk ! Ubat boleh diberi semula apabila gejala detox sudah reda.

Jangan berikan lebih dari satu jenis ubat homeopathy pada hari yang sama . Kalau beri lebih dari satu dalam sehari , rangsangannya akan terlalu kuat dan boleh menyebabkan gejala detox yang terlalu kuat dengan mengeluarkan gatal dan erupsi yang lebih .

Gejala detox harus dilalui cuma kita cuba ringankan dengan mengunakan antihistamine , mandian dan lain lain.

Awas juga sebab ada yang tidak dapat bezakan jangkitam bakteria dan mungkin ingatkan ia adalah gejala detox. Jangkitan bakteria boleh disyakki jika pesakit terus demam, kulit berair dan bernanah serta berbau hanyir . Ini memerlukan rawatan intensif dan mungkin juga jika terlalu teruk perlukan antibiotics dan seterusnya prebiotic dan rawatan homeopathy untuk betulkan balik usus setelah makan antibiotic .

Pendekatan integrated begini perlukan kerjasama antara doktor dan homeopath. Saya sendiri mampu kendalikan keduanya sebab saya adalah juga doktor perubatan yang berdaftar dengan Majlis Perubatan Malaysia.

Merawat Eczema Muqadimah

Sejak akhir-akhir ini saya merawat ramai pesakit eczema. Kebanyakkan dari pesakit adalah kanak-kanak dibawah umur 2 tahun. Kebanyakkan nya pula mencuba homeopathy buat pertama kali . Ramai yang tidak tahu langsung tentang homeopathy dan ada juga yang pernah cuba rawatan homeopathy tapi mengalami peningkatan penyakit dan bukan penyembuhan maka ada yang ingat bahawa eczema tidak boleh dirawat secara homeopathy.
Ini jauh dari kebenaran . Memang eczema boleh dirawat dengan kaedah homeopathy tapi ada beberapa kerumitan pada merawat eczema dengan homeopathy dan ini boleh diatasi dengan beberapa strategi yang memerlukan kepekaan dan kerjasama dari ibu bapa untuk berjaya.

Bagi saya , kaedah homeopathy mampu merawat semua kes eczema namun bagi yang gagal dirawat, kegagalannya disebabkan beberapa perkara:

1. Perawat yang tak mahir dari segi preskripsi serta komunkasi – memang ramai yang tidak mahir dari yang mahir atas beberapa sebab, antaranya training yang tidak lengkap atau menyeluruh dan ilmu yang cetek .
2. Ibu bapa yang tak sabar atau tak ikut arahan – ini sering berlaku sebab ibu bapa anak yang sakit ada kalanya sedikit paranoid dan mahukan anaknya cepat sembuh, menjadi terlalu sangsi terhadap perawat, mungkin sebab pengalaman pahit yang silam dengan doktor dan pengamal lain .
3. Halangan pada penyembuhan yang tidak dapat dikesan – ini akan diatasi bila homeopath secara sistematik mencari jalan menghapuskan halangan satu persatu .

Apa dia Homeopathy? # 1

Pengasas Homeopathy ialah Dr Samuel Hahnemann seoragn doktor perubatan bertauliah dari Germany yang lahir pada 10 April 1755,  di Meissen, Germany.

Prinsip utama Homeopathy adalah `simila similibus curentur ‘ . Ia adalah  hasil dari kajian yang dilakukan keatas dirinya sendiri dengan kayu dari kulit pokok Cinchona yang telah dikenali boleh mengurangkan/mencegah penyakit Malaria. Hahnemann ingin mengetahui bagaimana Cinchona boleh menjadi penawar untuk Malaria. Beliau telah memakan kulit cinchona ini dengan kadar yang sedikit tetapi berpanjangan.. Beliau membuat demikian sebab setelah membaca didalam sebuah `materia medica’ (bahan bacaan tentang ubatan) bahawa jika terlalu menggunakan cinchona ia boleh menyebabkan penyakit demam seakan Malaria! Kajiannya telah menyebabkan Hahnemann demam dan gejala demam nya telah di rekodkan dengan begitu teliti sesuai dengan jiwa `meticulous’ yang dimilkinya. Kemudianya dia telah menjalankan uji bukti ( drug pathogenic trials )  keatas 300 jenis penawar menggunakan kaedah ini. Dan hasil dari ini , prinsip asas dan materia medica homeopathy yang pertama, ia itu `Materia Medica Pura’ diterbitkan.

Dalam perspektif homeopathy seorang sakit yang tidak dapat pulih dari sakitnya mengalami keadaan di mana sistem pertahanannya tidak dapat kembalikan keadaan optima badan dan terus dalam keadaan sakit. Ini dapat diketahui dari simptom pesakit . Mengikut kefahaman fisiologi moden , simptom adalah semboyan badan yang memberitahu bahawa ada yang tidak kena dalam badan orang yang mengalami simptom. Ibarat lampu amaran yang akan menyala apabila pintu kereta tak tutup rapat dan akan padam bila keadaan di betulkan.

Sistem pertahanan asli yang lemah tidak dapat menangani serangan dari pathogen. Pathogen adalah apa-apa yang menyerang badan yang boleh menyebabkan badan menyimpang dari keadaan optimamnya . Pathogen mungkin kuman , virus atau kulat. Ini adalah apa yang difahamkan dalam ilmu asas sains kesihatan. Dalam sistem homeopathy maksud pathogen di lebarkan lagi dan membawa erti apa -apa yang boleh mencederakan sistem badan termasuklah trauma sama ada trauma itu adalah kejutan emosi atau kejutan fisikal .

Cara rawatan homeopathy
Cara rawatan homeopathy


Model ini boleh ditingkatkan lagi ketahap sebuah falsafah kesembuhan yang lebih mendalam.

Sebagai seorang homeopath yang mempunyai pengalaman 28 tiga tahun merawat mengunakan sistem homeopathy dan 32 tahun mengenali asas perubatan moden saya dapati keadaan sakit adalah keadaan dimana sistem badan individu berkenaan tidak sedar tentang keadaannya yang telah menyimpang dari yang optima dan ideal.. Bila individu itu mula sedar tentang keadaannya , sistem pertahanan dan sistem imbang semula jadinya akan bertindak memulihkan dirinya .Maka penawar homeopathy adalah sebuah agen yang menolong badan individu yang sakit itu untuk sedar tentang keadaan tidak imbangnya dan dengan itu mencetuskan badan untuk mulakan proses pemulihan .

Teori Dinamika Penyakit 


Sebuah model berpaksikan sedar versus lalai
Sebuah model berpaksikan sedar versus lalai

Saya dapati keadaan mula sedar tentang apa yang silap berlaku dalam awal penyembuhan kes gangguan emosi dan juga pada apa-apa keadaan badan yang menyimpang dari keadaan selesa.

Sebagai contoh :
Seorang individu bernama Laily berperangai garang dan sering menjawab setiap pertanyaan atau tegur sapa dengan nada keras dan marah. Keadaan ini timbul sebab pada jangkaannya semua orang nak cari kesalahannya. Ini berlaku sebab semasa dia kecil dia mempunyai ibu yang sentiasa mencari kesalahannya , tidak pernah memujinya dan hanya memanggilnya untuk memarahinya. Nyata bahawa andaiannya tidak benar tapi sebab terlalu lama keadaan emosinya telah menyimpang dari keadaan selesa .Perangainya adalah adaptasi yang dia telah guna pakai untuk menangani sikap ibunya dan dia sendiri tidak sedar tentang sikapnya ini. Jika Laily dirawat cara sistem Homeopathy , penawar yang akan diberilkan kepadanya akan mempunyai gejala ini
” Menyangka semua orang adlah musuh “. 1
Bila penawar ini diberilkan , Laily akan mula sedar bahawa apa ia hanya menyangka yang dia akan diserang dan dia akan mula sedar ini tidak benar. Dengan itu perangainya akan mula berubah. Nyata bukan ubat Homeopathy sahaja yang boleh membawa kesedaran malahan rawatan secara psaikotherapi atau rawatai penyembuhan somatic atau rawatan secara rohani akan juga dapat membawa penyembuhan..

Dalam kes penyakit fisikal pula , yang menjadi lalai adalah sistem pertahanan. Contohnya bila ada virus menyerang , badan akan memulakan proses pembunuhan dan pelenyapan virus berkenaan.

Apakata jika selepas disering virus selsema ia itu Rhinovirus seorang itu tidak pulih sepenuhnya dan mula mengalami selsema setiap pagi. Bagi sistem rawatan aliran utama , tidak dikaitkan sebagai lanjuatan dari serangan virus malahan diberikan nama lain pula ia itu penyakit alahan atau allergi.

Dalam sistem rawatan homeopathy , semboyan dan gejala asal itu di telitikan dan dipadankan dengan penyawar yang mempunyai semboyan dan gejala yang sama semasa proses ‘proving” dan bila penyawar ini diberikan, sistem pertahanan ( immune system) akan sedar kehadiran penawar itu dan menyerang penawar dan dalam menyerang penawar , menghapuskan penyakit asal yang sama semboyan dengan penyawar tadi.

Walaupun pencetus asal ia itu virus sebenarnya sudah lenyap dari badan namun seolah ada ‘bahangnya ” masih menyebabkan sakit berterusan dan dalam sistem homeopathy , bahang ini di namakan “miasm”.


1. “Delusion , enemy, everyone is ” Complete Repertory ,Roger Van Zandvoort , Mind Section http://www.morphologica.com/english/repertory/cr2008.htm


Saya telah menulis seperti dibawah ini dalam laman facebook fanpage saya, mulanya pada bulan Jun 2013.

Jumpa pesakit yang dirawat oleh seorang pengamal radionic. Pengamal guna rambut untuk tengok penyakit . Kata pengamal tidak ada kencing manis tapi tak buat pemeriksaan guna glucometer. Tidak lakukan casetaking, tidak tahu emosi mental dan sama ada pesakit alah sejuk atau panas. Saya buat pemeriksaan. Gula..random blood sugar 16 mmol/l. BP 200/120 mmhg. Walking time bomb! Pengamal mengaku dia homeopath. No ..saya kata bukan. Homeopath yang ada ilmu medical science mampu guna glucometer dan ambil BP. Bukan tilik guna rambut. Blood sugar tu amat tinggi. Buruk padahnya. pesakit dapat candidisis dan sentiasa haus serta banyak kencing. Lebih bahaya adalah risiko rosak kidney dan risiko stroke. Wahai para pengamal alternatif, tolong jangan rosakkan kesihatan pesakit sebab kamu kurang ilmu!

Selepas mendapat maklumbalas dari pembaca, termasuk pengamal radionics, ini penulisan susulannya .

Rupanya penulisan saya tentang pesakit Diabetes Mellitus yang tidak dikesan oleh pengamal yang gelarkan dirinya pengamal homeopathy tetapi sebenarnya mengamalkan radionic atau psionic telah menimbulkan kontroversi dikalangan pembaca! Mungkin saya perlu terangkan dengan lebih terperinci asal usul cara ini dan macam mana ia menjadi amalan dikalangan homeopath di Malaysia. Saya bercakapa sebagai seorang yang tahu dan boleh lakukannya dan bukan dari luar bidang .

 Pengalaman saya dengan cara ini timbul dari cadangan oleh Allahyarham Pak Mohamed Hj Yacob yang saya anggap salah seorang guru Homeopathy saya yang awal . Pada masa itu ilmu homeopathy saya belum lengkap dan saya membeli sebuat alat radioics keluaran Bruce Copen. Bruce Copen adalah kenalan Pak Mohammed . Nak pendekkan cerita, saya telah gunakan alat ini untuk rawat pesakit dan ada 2 kes awal yang berjaya dirawat, kalau nak ikutkan tidak patut boleh dirawat ( ie incurable dalam pendekatan perubatan moden) . 1. Kes liver cirrhosis, liver pesakit telah kecut dan rosak pulih semula 2. Kes rheumatoid arthritis 20 tahun, jari yang sudah bengkok lurus semula .

 Kenapa saya tinggalkan cara ini? Bila saya dapati ilmu homeopathy saya tidak berkembang dan saya menjadi malas untuk ambil sejarah pesakit dan telitikan asal usul penyakit dengan lebih rapi, serta tingkatkan ilmu materia medica, saya tinggalkan cara ini dan berusaha untuk tingkatkan kemahiran saya dalam homeopathy classic.

 Pengajian saya bawa saya ke US, India dan England dan saya berjaya mendalami ilmu Homeopathy Classic serta faham cara beberapa jenis cabang homeopathy yang ada .

 Dalam amatan saya tentang radionic ini, saya telah lihat pengamal radionic meninggal dunia awal . Semua allahyarham saya kenal dan dalam masa 15 tahun saya telah lihat 5 orang pengamal meninggal sebelum umur 50 tahun, seorang darinya dalam umur awal 30han.

 Bagi saya ini statistik yang tidak sepatutnya dan bukan kebetulan. Saya tinjau pula pengamal yang sudah melebehi 50 tahun dan masih sihat. Mereka ini ada amalan spiritual yang membantu kesihatan mereka . Amalan radionic menyebabkan pengamal guna tenaga diri dalam menilik penyakit dan sedikit sebanyak penyakit pesakit menjejas pengamal .

 Seperti yang saya sebut dilain-lain posting, tidak semua pengamal radionic tepat dalam tilikkannya dan ramai yang membuat diagnosis yang pelik-pelik.

 Contohnya ada pengamal yang membuat diagnosis brain tumour pada pengidap sakit kepala. Bila pesakit pergi buat MRI, tidak ada brain tumor dan pengamal berkata, brain tumour dalam peringkat awal, belum jadi dan tidak dapat dikesan melalui MRI. Bagi saya mungkin benar dan munkin tidak tapi diagnosis begini tidak beretika sebab menakutkan pesakit tanpa bukti yang nyata.

 Banyak lagi masaalah yang timbul dari pengamal radionic , ramai dari mereka hanya mengambil kursus hujung minggu selama beberapa kali dan sudah boleh membuka ‘klinik ‘ sedangkan untuk belajar homeopathy classic mengambil masa beberapa tahun.

 Bagi pengamal yang berdaftar dengan Majlis Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia dan memeriksa guna radionic, saya cadang anda buat pilihan, nak amalkan radionics dan keluar dari menjadi ahli Majlis dan masuk Persatuan elektronik atau nak jadi Homeopath dan tingkatkan kemahiran homeopathy anda. Pilihan satu lagi, daftar bawah dua disiplin ie perubatan homeopathy dan perubatan elektronic serta asingkan bilik rawatan dan terangkan dengan jelas jenis rawatan yang nak diberikan kepada pesakit . Barulah tidak melanggar etika perubatan dan pesakit pun tidak keliru yang mana satu homeopathy dan yang mana satu radionics.

 Baru- baru ini timbul gejala baru pula dimana pesakit yang berjumpa seorang ‘homeopath’ ditilik guna tangan pula dan ‘homeopath’ membuat diagnosis, ada gangguan spiritual atau jinn. Maka pesakit lagi bertambah keliru, saya ni jumpa homeopath ke jumpa bomoh. Saya pula, bab ini memang saya skeptik . Saya sendiri ada pengetahuan ‘gangguan ‘ dan rasakan kebanyakkan kes ‘gangguan ‘ yang didiagnos adalah teka teki perawat yang sebenarnya tak tahu sangat apa yang dia buat .

 Sekali lagi ini melanggar etika pendaftaran tempat merawat dimana pesakit perlu jelas jenis rawatan apa yang diterima.

 Tidak salah merawat secara spiritual dan tidak salah untuk gabungkan tapi beritahu pesakit, minta izin dulu, barulah betul dan berertika namanya .

Endometriosis: recognising its chronic origin

The purpose of this paper is to point out the miasmatic nature (chronic disease)  of a condition known as endometriosis and to suggest a possible approach in the homeopathic treatment of endometriosis . It is not intended that this paper present a cured case of endometriosis .

 As such a general discussion of endometriosis as regards its nature , aetiology and pathophysiology will be touched upon and a homeopathic interpretation based on miasmatic theory will be offered and a case that responded dramatically to miasmatic prescribing will be presented.

 What is endometriosis?

 Endometriosis is the growth of cells similar to those that form the inside of the uterus (endometrial cells), but in a location outside of the uterus. Endometrial cells are the same cells that are shed each month during menstruation. The cells of endometriosis attach themselves to tissue outside the uterus and are called endometriosis implants. The implants are most commonly found on the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, outer surfaces of the uterus or intestines, and on the surface lining of the pelvic cavity. They can also be found in the vagina, cervix, and bladder, although less commonly than other locations in the pelvis. Rarely, endometriosis implants can occur outside the pelvis, on the liver, in old surgery scars, and even in or around the lung or brain. Endometrial implants are generally benign (not cancerous).1

 Characteristics of Endometriosis:

 The following are some of the commonest characteristic symptoms of endometriosis. This list is compiled from clinical experience of patients suffering from endometriosis.

·       ·.Aggravation of many symptoms in the patients before, during, or after senses.  

·       ·.Periodicity of 4 weeks, the cycles are frequently shortened to 3 weeks, showing a poor development of the corpus luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and a weak progesterone phase.  

·       ·.Bleeding, per vaginal discharge, brown, bloody, black, copious watery, color and nature will vary with the phase in the cycle. The watery discharge, gushing and slightly bloody can occur during ovulation.  

·       ·.Insidious onset, usually in the mid 30’s, a close association with infertility or after long period of not being pregnant.  

·       ·.Worsens with time and regresses after menopause, regresses during pregnancy and lactation because endometrial tissues regress with the depletion in hormones during menopause and the loss of the cyclical rhythm during pregnancy under hormonal influence.  

·       ·.Pain may be severe depending on the staging and other factors but coming at 4 week intervals, pain may be felt in the abdomen, supra pubic, back, down thighs ( referred pain ), rectum, etc. depending on the location of the cysts. Dyschaesia, i.e. pain when passing stools especially before during and after menses and dyspareunia i.e. pain during intercourse may be present. These symptoms may be due to the endometriotic lesions in the pouch of Douglas..  

·       ·.Associated problems include emotional upsets, usually suppressed emotions, digestive problems from dyspepsia to colitis, the mildest being irritable bowel syndrome but may be severe mucous colitis, and adhesion colic.  


·       ·.Infertility, debilitated state of patient who may not be able to assume daily activities usually two weeks in a month, every month.  

·       ·.A constant cycle of pain, recovery, a short period of feeling relatively well then a repeat. Body ache and tiredness as well as Inability to cope are frequently associated with this condition when severe.  

·       ·.Pathological changes are blood cysts in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, adherent to intestines or within the uterus resulting in adhesions, blocked tubes, and its consequences like hydrosalpinx.  

·       ·.Occasional malignant change.  

·       ·.Emotional upsets and relationship problems  

 There are many theories as to why endometriosis happens and the one that I am quite convinced is true is that there is a genetic predisposition to endometriosis and also , it is not a disease of the reproductive organ but is part of a larger disease that involves the immune system .

 Genetic studies have shown that endometriosis may have a genetic basis , just like diabetes and hypertension. Studies on a species of monkey that spontaneously develops endometriosis are being done to demonstrate this 2

 That the immune system is affected in endometriosis was researched in a survey where the following conclusion was arrived at

 “Hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, allergies and asthma are all significantly more common in women with endometriosis than in women in the general USA population.”3  

 Most of the diseases mentioned here are related to a defective immune system and to auto antibodies. It is possible that all of it is related to a defective immune system except we do not have all the information about many of these conditions yet .While it is not stated that the hypothyroidism mentioned here is autoimmune , there is autoimmune thyroiditis which is also known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which leads to hypothyroidism

 In endometriosis what seems to be happening is that cells that are normally found only in the endometrium of the uterus implant in other places as where they respond to the ovarian hormones in a cyclical manner and bleed when the hormone levels drop as in the normal menstrual cycle.

 Two main theories exist for the pathogenesis of endometriosis. One theory is that endometrial tissue is spread by retrograde menstruation or by vascular and/or lymphatic spread. The second theory holds that the serosal epithelium of the peritoneum undergoes metaplastic differentiation into endometrium-like tissue.4

 Endometriosis is a chronic disease that has established itself by the time a diagnosis is made ., While I have not been able to find any researcher who links endometriosis to pelvic infections, there is evidence that patients with endometriosis do have infections

 Infected Endometriotic Cysts Schmidt et al found pathologic evidence of infection in11of 510 endometriotic cysts(2%). The patients had a mean age of 34.7years and typically presented with fever and lower abdominal pain; about half had a history of pelvic inflammatory disease Histologic examination revealed endometriotic cyst s that contained a  fibrino purulent exudate, microabscesses, and inflammatory cells other than neutrophils,such as plasma cells. All of the patients who had one or both fallopian tubes removed at the same operation had histologic evidence of acute and/or chronic salpingitis.5

 A Miasmatic theory of Endometriosis

 In Webster’s dictionary, the term “miasm” is followed by these meanings: “a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of a putrescent matter) formerly believed to contain a substance causing disease (as malaria)” “a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt”. Its Greek root is “miainein” which means “to defile”. “to defile” means “to make something dirty or no longer pure” “to damage something holy or sacred”.

 According to Shahrdar,

 “From Hahnemann’s writings, it is evident that he also uses the word “miasm” simply to describe an infectious and contagious disease with a specific cause and pattern of growth which can appear in different forms of propagation such as sporadic, endemic or epidemic. In his view, a miasm may be acute or it can be chronic with ever progressing effects on the individual. Speaking in Hahnemann’s language, it should be noted that what is now known as a miasm is actually a chronic miasm”.6

 Hence , a chronic miasm is a disease that keeps progressing even when a prescription has been made that covers the presenting symptom for according to Hahnemann, there is a hidden process that needs to be prescribed on and an unmasking of the original symptoms before a miasmatic prescription can take place .

 I have made a graphic presentation of what I understand about Hahneman’s Chronic disease theory and to learn more please visit the minutus.org library and study Dr Shahrdar’s writings

.The terms ponos and pathos are from the writings of Hans Selye7 and have been adapted  by Shahrdar hence I have placed them in brackets.

 Ponos is the acute symptoms as a reaction to the pathogen .

 Pathos is Latin for suffering and refers to secondary symptoms as the patient’s body adjusts to a state of incomplete resolution after a pathogen.

 Miasmatic remedy  refers to the remedies that are chosen based on the combined symptoms of many patients who are affected by a similar pathogen . ( Shahrdar uses the term genus epidemicus)

 Dr Shahrdar has proposed that the most important group of pathogens that can cause a chronic state are viruses He has written materia virosum and repertorium virosum that discusses these theories in great lengths and shows how they can be applied to treat cases miasmatically and I will show how it can be applied in the case we will be discussing shortly.8


When a person is infected by a pathogen , there is an acute illnesss  ( ponos) which is an acute disturbance caused by the pathogen .. In acute diseases the infection is resolved and the patient returns to the normal optimal state. When this does not take place the patient develops more suffering and the illness becomes chronic ( pathos). Chronic illness is an adaptive state where the health is compromised and the body develops ways to adapt to the compromise in health in order to survive. An example of this happening is when a splinter is  in the flesh and the body deals with the splinter at first by suppuration. This is the ponos reaction and then when the splinter still remains , the body acts by depositing fibrous tissue and sending white blood cells to continue attacking the spinter and the person develops a foreign body granuloma and this secondary reaction is the pathos..

In the state of Pathos the disease progresses like what we frequently see in many chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus , diabetes ,and will keep getting more and more complex because of the presence of the unhealed chronic miasmatic state that has been hidden under the pathos .A homeopathic remedy that can heal this person has to address the original unmasked hidden state , that is the original illness hence has to be a miasmatic  remedy that is similar to the hidden state and not to the general adaptive symptoms of the patient .To put it in another way,what we see is the secondary adaptive symptoms , the secondary pathological changes and not the hidden disease process that causes these reactions . In order to cure the person , we have to prescribe a remedy similar to the active hidden process  We need to unmask the hidden miasm .

A hidden state here means that the VF did not return to normal and remains off balance .
Obviously when something is off balance , the body has to make adjustments to deal with the lack of balance.

Example :

You hurt your foot because of  walking on a piece of glass and there is a cut on the sole .
Now you walk bearing weight on the other healthy foot .
When a homeopath sees you , he sees the limp but he does not see the cut and injured sole.which remains hidden unless you tell him about the injury and show it to him . If not , it is hidden but still active .
The limp is to compensate for the injured foot and the pain that comes from walking on the injury .
It this situation remains for  say 10 days, then more things start to happen .
Because the uninjured foot has had to bear more weight , it is now being strained and , let us say there is an underlying weakness of the hip joint on this side , and now there is a limp , and pain in the hip on the uninjured side .
What needs to be treated is still the cut on the sole because apparently there is still pain caused the whole compensatory way of walking.
All of the compensation is due to the vital force acting in total  but the primary state  and the whole cause is still the injured foot .
Ok one might say then , since I added that the hip has an inherent weakness that there is actually another state at work here and we would be right .
But , if we tried to deal with this part first, the cure would not  work because , the injured foot was what started to make the hip painful and it is still active.

SUMITA: Endometriosis with Primary Infertility

Sumita is a patient of a homeopath in India and I am in Malaysia . I agreed to help him treat Sumita as a consultant and he is the homeopath who took this history . I was consulted because of primary infertility due to endometriosis which was discovered after she was married. She did not get pregnant in the two and a half years of marriage and had undergone both homeopathic as well as allopathic management before I was consulted. She has been diagnosed to be having Endometriosis by ultrasound as well as by Laparoscopy .This is important since a diagnosis of endometriosis by clinical picture or ultrasound alone is not conclusive. Note also the ultrasounds were done intra vaginal which makes them more accurate.

This case was taken at the first interview .Unless indicated as allopathic , all the doctors mentioned refer to qualified homeopathic doctors ( BHMS)

Age: 27 + Married , 2 and half years, No children

Fair , Height 5 ft, Wt 46 Kg, Built Medium


Menstrual Cycle 28 days, Last time flow for 1-2 days. Soreness in lower abdomen with both legs painful. Occasional pain in both ovaries. Occasional Leucorrhea (thick lump).

last menstural period,  2nd June 2007.

History and Background

1. Had a history of severe injury to the head when 7 or 8 years old

2. Had a history of headache from last 10- 12 years agg. from sunlight, Tension, Concentration, long journey. Used to take painkiller (diclofenac .25 mg) to relieve pain.

3. Left sided. pain after sitting for long time in front of Computer (Last 3-4 years)

4. Homeopathy treatment commenced after marriage i.e. Feb 2005 to treat headache. Had B Coli infection on March 2005. After eight months of treatment, started having menstrual pain. Pain used to stay during the periods with fever. However headache reduced subsequently.( under a different homeopath

5. Menstrual Pain did not reduce after continued homeopathic treatment till June 2006. i.e one and half year of homeopathic treatment.

The then homeopath expired in July 2006. He gave the following medicine in chronological order. Arnica 1M 2 doses , Cannabis Sataiva 1M 2 doses (For B coli infection), Tub 1M 2 doses, Bell 2C, Syphillinum 10M  1 dose , Rhus Tox 1m 2 doses, Kali Bich 1M 2 doses, Ant Crud 1M 3 doses,  Sulph 30 1 dose Puls 1M 2 doses Calc Phos 1M 8 doses  Sabina 30, Colocynth 200, Bovista 200 3 doses ( Note the frequent change of remedies over one month )

6. At the  end of July 2006 the menstrual pain became very severe. Pain particularly in left ovary region. USG done in July 2006 and diagnosed as Chocolate cyst in left ovary of size 3.7cm x 3.2 cm. Uterus anteverted.

7. A new doctor was consulted who gave Viburnum Opulus 6 to be taken twice daily. Next period menstrual pain was less but flow lasted for only one day. Patient bed ridden with severe ovarian pain.

8. Another doctor was consulted . He gave Lachesis 30 c,3 doses, repeated 30c3  doses after 10 days and then repeated 200c 2 doses after 14 days. First and second dose was very helpful but 200c  had an adverse reaction with severe pain in both ovary. The doctor said the medicine has been overdosed.

9. Was again referred to another doctor in August 2006. He gave Camphor 200 2 doses to neutralize Lachesis and gave Apis 200 three doses. Was better after Apis, than given Pulsatilla CM. Again pain started.

10. Ultrasound scan on September 2006  (2months after first scan) the cyst of left ovary increases to 6 x5.5cm  cm and the in the right ovary new chocolate cyst was developed of size 3.2cm. Uterus Bulky. Musculature, Endometrium 6mm Thickness.

11. Allopathic doctor immediately recommended for diagnostic laparoscopy in September 2006. During Laparoscopy the endometrial cyst contents  from the  right ovary was aspired.


Dye Test : Spillage in both side, Endometriosis and adhesions were found ,

 Hysteroscopy  showed  Uterine Cavity & Cervical canal appeared normal,

 Both Ostea Visulised.

 Bulky Uterus with endometriosis and adhesions.

12. Given an injection of GNRH 3.75 advised Super Ovulation.

13. Again Homeopathic treatment commenced from November 2006 under the same Doctor . Has given the following medicine in Chronological order

Bacillinium 10m 1 dose  with Calc Phos 6x and Ashoka Q, Cimicifuga 1M with Bell Perenis  Q and Oophorinum 30c, Calc Phos 200 cwith Bell Perenis Q with Ashoka Q, Bryonia 0/2 with Ustiliago Q.

 ( a mixture of remedies and repeated over a short period of time )

14. Again undergone ultrasound examination on 23-04-2007. The following findings was found

Uterus is anteverted, normal in shape, size and outline. Myometrial echo pattern is Homogeneous, Cavity is empty. Middline echo is normal. Endometrial thickness is 0.5cm. Cervical canal is normal.

Right adnexal region shows a partly solid and partly cystic space occupying lesion, measuring 5.4 x6.3 cm.

Left adnexal region shows a cystic mass  measuring 5.*5.8 cm.

Both the space occupying lesions (SOL) are adherent to the uterus.


Bilateral Ovarian Cyst(Chocolate cyst) Features of Pelvic endometriosis.


·       ·.Headache ( much reduced from Homeopathic treatment )  

·       ·.Occasional Vertigo, Occasional nausea during morning  

·       ·.Developed Nails yellowish blackish with spoon type shape  

·       ·.Nerve stimuli (kind of nerve shock) of mainly right leg during sleep. After this leg cannot be straightened for 1 minute. Than the affected leg become sore for 1 -2 days. This has happened 5-7 times in last 2 years.  

·       ·.Both breast sore agg. before periods amel. after periods.  

·       ·.Itching eruptions in elbow joint (front side) itching agg. with sweat.  

·       ·.Piles. Constipation  

·       ·.Mild pain in ovarian region after urination and stool. Cannot control the urge to stool (entire stomach becomes stiff and movement and standing difficult until and unless stool passes)  

Physical Generals

Warm Patient, Consolation amel., Sweating ++ under arms and face, Craving for cold food and cold water, Crave for Salty food, Craving for egg but cannot tolerate omelet. Appetite normal. Cold palms occasional

Mental General

Mild, easily weeps, Fear from shouting quarrel, Religious, Good Natured, Family life comfortable, Irritability before period, Depressed (better after Puls 200)

Family History

Migraine of Mother, Diabetes of Maternal Uncle.

Past History

 Vaccination, Typhoid (Detected in early stage), Injury to head, hand and collar bone.


Another ultrasound was done before she started treatment with me

 Here is the report

 6 July 2007

 Uterus is antiverted, normal in shape, size and outline. Myometrial echo pattern is homogeneous Cavity is empty.  Midline echo is normal. Endometrial thickness is .4cm.

Cervical canal is normal.
A thick walled cystic SOL, measuring 2.9 x 5.2 cm another rounded thick walled cystic SOL measuring 3.4cmx4.2 cm. is seen in the Pouch of Douglas.

Both cystic SOL show low level internal echoes.

 Bilateral ovarian cyst (?Chocolate cyst).

 After discussing with her husband I discovered that Sumita was very sensitive to homeopathic remedies and aggravated a lot after remedies given repeatedly.

 Also , since I knew endometriosis had a miasmatic background ,it is to be noted also that any remedy chosen has to match not only the miasmatic background but also aspects of her presenting symptoms ,signs and modalities.

  Endometriosis is a sycotic condition because of the nature of the disease which involves the pelvic organs and the sexual organs.  it has cysts and fibrosis and these are also sycotic.

 Here is a bit about the general naturs of the main miasms

General Nature of the Miasm ( from JH Allen )

 A – Psoric Miasm: Itching, burning, inflammation leading to congestion – philosopher, selfish, restless, weak, fears.

B – Sycotic Miasm: Over production, growth like warts, condylomata, fibrous tissue, attacks internal organs, pelvis, and sexual organs. (these are characterostoc of endmetrosis)

C – Syphilitic Miasm: Destructive, disorder everywhere, ulceration, fissures, deformities, ignorance, suicidal, depressed, memory diminished.

D – Tubercular Miasm: Changing symptomology, vague, weakness, shifting in location, depletion, dissatisfaction, lack of tolerance, careless, “problem child”, cravings that are not good for them.

 I am quoting an article by Dr Ardavan Shahrdar on miasmatic analysis here

 “1.Miasmatic analysis is the process of referring to Genus Epidemicus of infectious states to complete the image which is needed for the selection of simillimum.

 2. This type of analysis is actually based on the Hahnemannian definition of miasmatic prescription. In some schools of homeopathy, you may see different miasmatic categories instead of what is here called Genus Epidemicus. Here, the term miasm means infectious disease, as termed by Hahnemann.

 3. By ‘infectious diseases’ I am not referring to ‘infectious agents’:. ‘Infectious disease’ is the dynamic state following the stress caused by ” infectious agent”. The infectious “state” can persist without the presence of “‘infectious agent'”

I would like to point out that by Sycosis I mean sycosis according to what Hahneman wrote in chronic diseases and not the sycosis that has been defined by various authors according to their own notions of what sycosis it.

  Hahneman refers to sycosis as the fig wart disease and we now know that it is venereal wart which is condyloma acuminatum.

 Here is another quote that may bring more clarity to the meaning of sycosis

 “Now we clearly know that the figwart part of Sycosis is actually Condyloma acuminatum. HPV, the virus related to condyloma acuminatum, does not cause urethritis and gonorrhea in common terminology. The type of gonorrhea that Hahnemann linked to Sycosis is actually the urethritis caused by Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) which can occur as co-infection with HPV. That’s why Hahnemann states that figwarts is not always associated with gonorrhea.”9

Hence the sycosis that is meant by Hahnemann is actually a HPV infection that has been complicated by a Herpes Simplex type 2 . This is merely a theory of Shahrdar that I chose to accept in analysing cases and Sumita’s case is one of many that I have successfully treated applying the same theory. The reason for choosing Sumita’s case was that in this particular case the records were complete and I also had a history of her previous remedies which I usually fail to get when patients come to see me from other homeopaths.

 Shahrdar has compiled a materia virosa in which he has collected from various sources the pathology that is produced by various viruses and below you see how Sumita’s symptoms correspond to the HSV2 viral state and the HPV viral state . Note that I am not saying she has these two infections, only the viral state which Hahneman named miasm. JH Allen in his book Chronic Miasms and Pseudopsora clearly stated that the sycotic miasm affected the pelvic organs as we see in cases of endometriosis in general and in Sumita’s case in particular.

  Hahnemann differentiates sycotic gonorrhoea from what he called the common gonorrhoea .A careful reading of his description of the initial stages of Sycosis in his book Chronic diseases will show that he distinguishes simple gonorrhea from the more compels gonorrhoea of sycosis .10

 “The gonorrhoea dependent on the figwart-miasma, as well as the above-mentioned excrescences (i.e., the whole sycosis), are cured most surely and most thoroughly through the internal use of Thuja,* which, in this case, is Homoeopathic, in a dose of a few pillets as large as poppy seeds, moistened with the dilution potentized to the decillionth degree, and when these have exhausted their action after fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty days, alternating with just as small a dose of nitric acid, diluted to the decillionth degree, which must be allowed to act as long a time, in order to remove the gonorrhoea and the excrescences; i.e., the whole sycosis. It is not necessary to use any external application, except in the most inveterate and difficult cases, when the larger figwarts may be moistened. every day with the mild, pure juice pressed from the green leaves of Thuja, mixed with an equal quantity of alcohol”chronic diseases page 84

 Below is a repertorization to search for viral states using repetorium virosum image003

 This is a repertorium virosum analysis of Sumita’s symptoms. Note that the rubrics chosen are

female Leucorrhea

female Itching

Buttock Pain shooting

Rectum constipation

Rectum hemorrhoid

The reason for the brevity and seemingly general symptoms are because of the way the materia virosa is recorded , it is all just clinical symptoms and very brief.

The other limitation of materia virosa is that it does not record secondary symptoms , for example there is no entry on dysmenorrhea or endometriosis . The only entry on endometrium is endometritis which is an acute state and not related to endometriosis , it would however be related to fibroid uterus which is actually a culmination of chronic inflammation. which we later found out Sumita had .

In this the RV has many limitations

1. few and brief symptoms

2. most secondary symptoms are not in it , and have to be deduced .

In spite of these limitations , in the hands of a  person who can translate secondary symptoms back to their primary symptoms , the software is a great tool for deducing the viral state that is still active .Please note that viral state is another name for viral miasm which can be said to be a subgroup of the original miasms of Hahnemann.

In this analysis the virus that has all the rubrics is HSV2 .

HPV has only one rubric but knowing the Human Papiloma virus’s affinity to the pelvic mucous membrane as well as it being implicated in Hahnemann’s original sycotic miasm , I am inclined to think that this is a miasm that at the moment is not dormant but present.

 Below are the materia virosa of the two viral states that I mentioned above .

 Papilloma viruses/Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Main Regions

Skin, Male organs, Female organs, Mind, Extremities, Larynx, Respiration. Modalities

Aggravations: Night. Mind

Sadness. Taciturnity. Loathing at life. Dullness. Anger. Irritability.

Crusty eruptions. Occipital pressing pain. Eye

Conjunctivitis. Pressing pain. Vision

Dim vision Nose

Catarrh. Yellow discharge. Mouth

Condyloma. Throat

Mucous. Pain on swallowing.

External throat

Cervical lymphadenopathy.


Increased appetite. Eructations.


Distention and rumbling. Cramping pains.

Rectum Hemorrhoids. Burning pain after stool.

Prostate gland

Enlarged prostate.


Burning pain during urination.


Altered cry in children. Hoarseness.


Distress. Stridor.

Female organs

Cervical cancer. Maculopapular eruptions. Warts.

Male organs Maculopapular eruptions. Warts. Increased sexual desire.

Expectoration Increased.


Warts. Painful plantar warts. Itching of lower limbs. Weakness of knee.


Stiffness in cervical region.

Sleep Sleeplessness. Falling asleep late.

Skin Warts. Painful warts.


Weakness. Lack of vital heat. Burning pains. Stitching pains. Yellow discharges. Aggravation at nights.

Antimiasmatic remedies THUJ, NIT-AC, CALC, LYC, Nat-s, Staph, Sabin, Sars.

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2)

Main Regions

Skin. Genital organs. Rectum. Extremities. Chest. Eye. Head. Mind. Urinary system.


Aggravations: Cold.


Irritability. Anger, Excitement, Dullness, Weakness of memory.



Encephalitis. Meningitis aseptic. Headache pressing, stichting. Frontal headache. Occipital pressing headache. Headache aggravated by stooping. Crusty eruptions on head. Moist eruptions. Falling of hair. Heaviness.


Herpetic eruptions. Heat.


Chemosis. Retinitis. Ophthalmitis. Chorioretinitis. Conjunctivitis pustular. Dendritic lesions of cornea. Keratitis. Retinal necrosis. Pain burning, pressing, stitching. Photophobia. Blepharitis.


Blindness. Blurred. Dim.


Pain stitching.


Catarrh. Coryza. Purulent discharge. Dryness inside nose. Internal sore pain. Scurfy nostrils.


Gingivitis. Stomatitis. Ulceration. Ulceration of tongue.


Exudation. Pharyngitis. Tonsillitis. Ulceration. Stitching pain.


Dysphagia. Odynophagia.

External throat

Cervical lymphadenopathy.


Diminished appetite. Increased appetite. Nausea. Vomiting. Eructations. Pain pressing.


Hepatitis. Distention. Rumbling. Cramping pain.

Inguinal region

Tender lymphadenopathy. Herpetic eruptions.


Constipation. Diarrhea. Discharge. Necrosis. Pain burning, after stool. Proctitis. Tenesmus. Ulceration. Excoriation. Weakness of anal sphincter. Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhage. Itching.




Enlarged bladder. Enuresis.


Discharge gleety.


Dysuria. Frequency. Retention. Cloudy.


Hoarseness of voice


Vesicular eruptions. Axillary lymphadenopathy. Substernal pain. Interstitial pneumonia. Pneumonitis. Irritation in trachea. Oppression. Stitching pain.


Dry. Short.

Female organs

Endometritis. Herpetic eruptions. Pustular eruptions. Vesicles. Salpingitis. Ulcers. Inflammation. Excoriation. Itching. Leukorrhea. Menorrhagia.

Male organs

Herpetic eruptions. Impotency. Prostatitis.


Arthritis monoarticular. Edema of fingers. Herperic eruptions on thighs. Pustular eruptions on fingers. Vesicular eruptions fingers. Erythema of fingers. Tenderness of fingers. Shooting pains. Tingling. Herperic whitlow. Coldness and perspiration of feet and hands. Cracking in joints. Heaviness of lower limbs. Itching of lower limbs. Stitching pain in knees. Right side.


Stiffness of cervical region. Anesthesia or hyperesthesia of lower back and sacral region.


Herpertic eruptions. Shooting pain. Tingling.

Perineal region

Anesthesia. Hyperesthesia.


Falling asleep late.




Eruptions. Erythema multiforme. Herpetic eruptions. Tubercles. Boils. Ulcers. Itching.




Anorexia. Hemorrhage. Hyperesthesia. Hypothermia. Lymphadenitis. Malaise. Myalgia. Myelitis transverse. Radiculopathy. Sepsis. Weight loss. Thrombocytopenia. Dryness of mucous membranes. Weakness. Emaciation. Ulceration. Excoriation. Stitching pains.

 Antimiasmatic remedies

MERC, Nat-m, Petr, Nit-ac, Calc, Thuj.

 From the above note the genus epidemicus ( miasmatic ) remedies for HPV are:

 THUJ, NIT-AC, CALC, LYC, Nat-s, Staph, Sabin, Sars.

And the genus epidemicus ( miasmatic ) remedies for HSV2 are :

MERC, Nat-m, Petr, Nit-ac, Calc, Thuj.

Below is a repetorizing using Hompath Classic version 8 .

Hompath Rubrics were taken from almost all of the symptoms she was having at that point.These are the rubrics that I chose . The reason I chose them is because they are the symptoms of the underlying miasm  which is active at that point in time .. I had included some general symptoms but ignored her pain after stools because it is a secondary symptom caused by adhesions due to endometrial lesions in her peritoneal cavity which means they are of no use in pointing to the underlying miasm in that they are secondary symptoms . You will find some of thse symptoms in the HSV2 of the materia virosum which means they belong to the Viral State of Herpes Type 2.

 1. Rectum haemorrhoids.

2. Head Pain headache in general sore bruised sensitive to pressure

3. Female genitalia pain general

4. Extremities Cramps leg Calf Night

5. Vertigo

6. Breast sore before menses

7 Food and drinks Salt desires

8 Extremities Nails discoloration

 Here is the repertorization


  The top 5 remedies are Nitric Acid , Sulphur, Calc Lyc, Phos .The only remedy with all the rubrics is Nitric Acid .. This is also the remedy present in Shahrdar’s materia virosum list for both HSV2 and HPV.

 The remedy that seemed to be the closest similimum for Sumita in both her total self as well as the viral state ( miasm ) that was present is NITRIC ACID .

 I had instructed Sumita to take Nitric Acid 200c in water . The reason being that I knew she was sensitive . Some may want to know why I did not use LM .I do use LM but in this case I wanted to use the 200c potency . Homeopathy as many of us know is not such an exact science of knowing exactly what and how to give a remedy and many of us will just make a decision and change the decision or not based on the results obtained .

 Here is a report after this first 3 doses , actually a split liquid dose since a few drops of tincture was place in 60 ml of water and the remedy given in three doses, shaking the bottle before each dose .

The medicine Acid Nitric 200c ;was given one dose on;9.07.2007 and another; two doses on 10. 07.2007.I am writing down the symptoms on chronological manner


Slight pain in both ovary,feeling very hot


– Vertigo (a kind of crawling pain in the head), feeling very drowsy, had mild temperature 99 deg F


– No fever

-,Vertigo or crawling pain agg morning, afternoon and night


– Constipation and Vertigo or crawling pain head.


-Hard stool followed by normal stool, again diarrhoea three times also vertigo or crawling pain in the head.


– once semi solid stool, stomach rumbling, left hip portion

feel stiff feeling discomfort while breathing, slight discomfort in ovarian region while walking and breathing and sitting.

She says that there there is something moving along the nerves in the head. when stooping eyes get closed.

reported on 15 Jul 2007

 After this report I asked to wait before any further dosing , and here is the next report Note the ultrasound findings.

Medicine taken: Acid Nitric 2C on 9th and 10th July 2007

Aggravation for 10 to 12 days including leg pain, headache, fever, diarrhea

LMP: 26th July 2007

Flow after 26 days of last period (usually 28) (Last period 30.06.07)

Just before flow she had gone four times to stool. Stool was in adequate quantity, which aggravated the fissure and piles.

Heaviness of the lower abdomen before period and continued for first two days.

Slight pain in ovary during period. Normal flow

Before period irritation, tension and weakness.

Before 4 to 5 days of period (21 and 22 July), there was both leg pain and hand pain (shoulder to finger tip)

Flow lasted for 2 days

On 4th and fifth day there was diarrhea.

 General Symptoms

Breast soreness is always present but very less earlier aggravation was before period.

Heaviness of the head with headaches (slight), which seems to come from top and move downwards to forehead(last two days)

When getting up there is a slight sensation (Like air lock) in the right ovarian region.

When urinating urine feels as if it is flowing out of lower abdomen.

For last two days there is vomiting tendency agg. on seeing food and smell of vegetable.(Now less)

Nails dotted/flattened still present.

Itching eruption in the front portion of both elbows had reduced but now it more agg. Form water & sweat. Seems to spread in area.

Abdominal gas present.

Rectal fissure is not there but piles present (which comes out and moves in).

Now can control urge to stool. But slight discomfort present. (Lower abdomen becomes stiff –as if filled with gas on urge to stool)

No cough and cold.

Sweat in underarms.

There is a slight soreness in the lower abdomen, which can be felt on breathing.

 Ultra sound report ( Intra Vaginal Probe) Report done on 2.08.2007

Uterus is normal in size, cavities free.

Rt. side ovary there is a organized cyst of 2.98 cm by 2.76 cm

Lt side ovary there is cyst of 2.45 by 2.22 cm.

Pouch of Douglas is free

It was obvious that her endometriosis was on the retreat. The cysts were smaller and the lesions in the pouch of Douglas had disappeared .

She was given a repeat split dose of Nitric Acid 200c again on 13-15 August 2008 and she subsequently became amenorrheic and was tested to be pregnant.

  Here is a tabular record of her progress.

Date of Med


Main Events

my comment

8th June 2007

After Puls 200c ( By Another Doctor

Symptom date: 28thJune 2007

Cyst Size measuring Right 2.9 x5.2 cm left 5.9×4.8cm another rounded thick walled cystic SOL measuring 3.4 x 4.2 cm. is seen in the Pouch of Douglas. Headache present agg on Journey and tension and from sunlight. Pain in ovarian region during/after urination and stool. Kind of Nerve shock of mainly right leg during sleep. After this leg cannot be straightened for 1 minute affected leg become sore for 1 –2 days. Could not control the urge to stool, as there was much stiffness of the lower abdomen.

Menses Last for 1-2 days. During Menses soreness in lower abdomen with both leg pain. Occasional pain in both ovaries during menses.

Nails infection. Itching eruptions on anterior portion of both hinge joints of hands. Headache present.

Constipation, piles with rectal fissure present.

There was pain after stool.

The vaginal ultrasound showed the lesion progressing now to pouch of Douglas

9th July 07

After Ac Nit 200c (60 ml , 1/3, 1/3, 1/3)

Rt Side Ovary there is a organized cyst of 2.98 cm by 2.76 cm Lt side Ovary there is a cyst of 2.45 by 2.22 cm. POD is free. Improvement in head ache. Pain in ovarian region after urination and stool was not there but reappeared in last three days. Nerve shock happened once during period on awaking.. Happened again on 10.08.07. Can control urge to stool but slight discomfort present. Heaviness of lower abdomen before period and continued for first two days. Flow lasted for 2days. Third day there was a slight flow. Normal Flow. Just before flow she had four times stool, which aggravated her fissure and piles. Nails infection same. Itching eruptions on left elbow joint same, not much itching.Right elbow joint itche  seems to increase in area with more itching. No rectal fissure.Piles is present

She aggravated for 12 days after this dose.

Many symptoms improved but started to reappear hence I asked her to repeat the dose after this report .

13th August 07

After Ac Nit 200c (180 ml , 1/3, 1/3, 1/3)

Sonography not done. No Headache but a kind of heaviness (crawling sensation) is there particularly when awakening. Pain in ovarian region after urination and stool was not there. Nerve shock of the legs did not occur. Can control urge to stool. Flow last for 2-3 days.1st day was very little (few drops). 2nd day watery flow. 3rd day was in clot (slimy thread like). No heaviness but on 2nd & 3rd day mild pain in lower abdomen. Nails infection same. Itching eruption of Left side has reduced in area but right side has increased in area with more itching. Constipation and rectal fissure is not there. Piles present . NEW Symptoms Teeth infection.

Her headache went away entirely, so did ovarian pain after urine and stools as well as the nerve shock . The dysmenorrhea was markedly reduced .She developed a tooth ache which went away shortly ..

This was her last menstrual period .

The nail has improved !

When I got this report we already knew she was pregnant . The pregnancy explains why some of her symptoms came back and she developed new symptoms probably due to adhesions from the endometriosis which had not had time to resolve.


The diagram above shows the ultrasound changes before and after treatment . There was only one ultrasound report after she took the miasmatic remedy and she subsequently got pregnant.

It may be argued that she may have got pregnant without the miasmatic treatment but if you compare her progress in terms of symptoms which corresponded to the cysts disappearing from the pouch of Douglas then it is highly probable she became pregnant because the cysts regressed .

Note also the improvement in her nails as well as her general symptoms of headache and vertigo .

It would also be too much of a coincidence that she got pregnant after miasmatic treatment if it had not been curative to her infertility because she had been married two and a half years without conceiving .prior to miasmatic treatment.

No doubt at this point she still needed homeopathic treatment . She had become pregnant too early after the miasmatic treatment started and she still had adhesions in her abdomen from the endometriosis , also , while we did not know it at that time, she had small fibromas in her uterus that caused the placenta to implant in her lower uterus and hence the delivery was by caesarean section. The fibromas were discovered during the C section. I continued to prescribe homeopathic remedies through out her pregnancy and she managed to have a drug free pregnancy even though she had some discomfort due to the adhesions and the growing pregnancy.

Sumita gave birth to a healthy baby boy and is currently breastfeeding the baby which she delivered by caesarean section on 11.05.08. I am continuing to record her progress and no doubt will have more to report when she starts to menstruate again and we can make an assessment of her reproductive system .

I have not reported on her ongoing treatment and will do so when the case is complete.


Sumita had been under the care of homeopaths for a very long time before I took over . What was not done in her treatment was to look into the miasmatic nature of her disease and to prescribe accordingly. While treating her for headache earlier , even though the headache reduced, her menses became more and more painful and , as we saw later, her endometriosis became progressively more severe with more and more lesions found on subsequent ultrasound scans.

This is consistent with Samuel Hahnemanns observation of Chronic Disease

“It was a continually repeated fact that the non-venereal chronic diseases, after being time and again removed homoeopathically by the remedies fully proved up to the present time, always returned in a more or less varied form and with new symptoms, or reappeared annually with an increase of complaints. This fact gave me the first clew that the Homoeopathic physician with such a chronic (non-venereal) case, yea in all cases of (non-venereal) chronic disease, has not only to combat the disease presented before his eyes, and must not view and treat it as if it were a well-defined disease, to be speedily and permanently destroyed and healed by ordinary homoeopathic remedies but that he has always to encounter only some separate fragment of a more deep-seated original disease”Samuel 11

 I decided upon Nitric Acid based on the repertorizing and elimination from the lists of the Materia Virosa for the HSV2 state and the HPV state and from the dramatic response in which the cysts regressed and she subsequently became pregnant , it was a near perfect similimum to the miasm behind the disease. An aspect of the patient that was not addressed by the other homeopaths was her sensitivity to remedies. She only needed two doses of the remedy given in water as a split dose . She did not need multiple remedies either.

To take this one step further if we chose to accept Shahrdar’s viral miasms .Her symptoms are those of a viral state or a viral miasm. Sumita is having the HSV 2 viral state and possibly the HPV state although this does not come out very well in the RV analysis. .It is to be noted that at any one time , one state will dominate and be uppermost that the other state will manifest when one state is cured by a similumum remedy. This is consistent with what Hahneman points out in Chronic diseases . At this point in the treatment I have not presented enough data to demonstrate this .

In conclusion

In my practice , Endometriosis has become a treatable disease and with the application of the Miasmatic theory and prescribing accordingly , the disease is not just palliated but cure is possible .It is my conviction that one day the medical profession via research will validate what Dr Shahrdar12 has theorised, that viral infections cause miasms in the body. 13

Post note

It is now May 2009 and almost 2 years since I started treatment in July 2007. Sumita has pain free periods now . Her treatment is still under my supervision and she is still having symptoms of  chronic miasmatic states but they are no longer endometriosis symptoms

 Further reading

Endometriosis , the homeopathic management , Suriya Osman IBPS publications,

Chronic Diseases , Samuel Hahnemann

Mary Lou Ballweg Endometriosis Source Book Published 1995

McGraw-Hill Professional ISBN:0809232634

Mintus.org library

May 2009

contact the author at


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I first became interested in Thyroidinum when an online friend sent me a scanned copy of an out of print book by Ghosh[i] (has been reprinted since then by BJain) that described the sarcodes and nosodes and his experience with it. I noted some characteristic symptoms and found success in cases which would have otherwise been a lot more difficult to treat. I am sharing the key characteristics of Thyroidinum in this article. Studying the thyroid hormone thyroxin as part of physiology and thyroid deficiency in pathology adds a depth of understanding of the wide yet specific range of action of Thyroidinum. Thyroidinum is usually used as an intercurrent and will move a case towards cure or make the case clearer when it is indicated. In many cases, it is what is needed to complete the cure. I also had a opportunity to treat family members that seemed to have some pathology in the thyroid function and saw first-hand all the symptoms related to this medicine. I will relate about them in the case histories section.


A Sarcode, trituration of the fresh thyroid gland of sheep or calf, attenuation of a liquid extract of the gland. [ii]

Historical Background

Most sarcodes are not as well known as Thyroidinum and this is because a preparation of sheep thyroid was administered subcutaneously to patients by doctors starting in 1882 when it was introduced as a treatment for myxoedema[iii]. Overdoses resulted in side effects which are well documented by Clarke and first reported in the journal Homeopathic World.

Seat of action

The effects on the body would correspond with the actions of the thyroid hormone hence it is not surprising that the areas affected are the thyroid gland, eyes, hair, skin, and muscles. The mind symptoms are also seen in patients with hyperthyroid states such as restlessness and mania as well as the low states of stupor and apathy.




Thyroidinum has some characteristics which are hard to miss if one is aware of them. In times when there is a demand for energy and the body fails in its function, thyroidinum is often indicated. Headaches and spasmodic conditions which occur during times of high demand call for thyroidinum. These conditions include adolescence, menstruation, coitus, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

In all of the conditions requiring thyroidinum, the edema will be noticed. In allergies, the patient is puffed up, and the mucous membrane edematous. In skin conditions, itching is predominant and scratching brings about edema. Urticaria triggered by cold will also look puffed up. As in cases of myxoedema, there is a non-pitting edema which could also have a rash as well, a condition known as brawny edema.

Headaches and spasms occurring during periods of high energy demand point to thyroidinum. This will be made clearer in the case examples. Spasms and rigidity come hand in hand.

As in thyroid dysfunction, a deficiency at birth produces symptoms and signs of cretinism and in the adult signs and symptoms of myxeodema with weight gain, low energy and cold intolerence. Hence cachexia and obesity may call for thyroidinum when the symptoms match.

Affections of the heart are due to the muscles of the heart weakening. The thenar and hypothenar eminences of the palms are a good place to look, to see if thyroidinum is indicated. While the thyroid hormone may be normal, the atrophy indicates thyroidinum . The patient will complain of a weak grip of the hands.

Menstrual dysfunction, dysmenorrheas, fibroid tumours and ovarian cysts may all point to a prescription of thyroidinum.

Specific indications

· New borns with vomiting and jaundice or diarrhea especially born of mothers who were physically ill during pregnancy

· During pregnancy

o Eclampsia in pregnancy with convulsions and edema

· After pregnancy

o Diarrhea turning chronic, more indicated if there is edema and weight loss

· Ailments during dentition

· Malnourished children and failure to thrive as a adjunctive treatment

· Ailments before menses

· Ailments after coition including headaches cramps convulsions

· Allergic conditions during periods of high metabolic demand accompanied by edema and angioedema

· Headaches of various causes: wakes up with a headache







Modalities and Aggravations

Typically, a patient requiring thyroidinum will have aggravations by cold weather or applications as well as aggravation by exertion.

Cases cured or ameliorated by Thyroidinum

A lot more could have been said about thyroidinum and all the side effects of overdose could be mentioned but it has all been documented in Clarkes Dictionary of Materia Medica, under Thyroidinum and Ghosh has also gone into details of its indications so for this article I will instead note down the cases which did well on Thyroidinum in my own practice.

An epileptic child

A chubby child of 12 was brought to see me by her mother, she had been diagnosed with epilepsy and the symptoms were worse when the weather was cold and wet. The fits occurred during sleep.

There was nothing in her symptoms except aggravation by cold that would lead me to prescribe Thyroidinum, I instead found this in her family history.

Her mother had atrophy of both thenar and hypothenar eminences and while she was not hyperthyroid, the condition was cured within 3 months of prescribing Thyroidinum

Her uncle had Thyrotoxicosis with heart involvement

Another aunt had a fibroid uterus.

All of these cases would have had indications for thyroidinum. I eventually treated the aunt who was cured from menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea and she was well enough not to undergo hysterectomy although the fibroid did not shrink fully.

As for the girl, while she improved considerably on the first prescription of Bufo, the cure came after a prescription of Thyroidinum.

Headache after coitus

A 30 year old woman came complaining of headache after coitus, this case was cured with Thyroidinum 30c, 5 doses

Eczema of the whole body

A 5 year old child who had eczema soon after birth was brought to see me. She was a quiet child who spent all her energy scratching. I treated her for more than 6 months and at one point the mother reported she was quite naughty. I thought that it was because the energy to be her real self had come back since she did not spend all her energy scratching. Among the remedies she had were tuberculinum and thyroidinum because of the aggravation by cold. I did not see her for the next 5 years but the mother came to see me about another daughter and reported that this girl was not only the healthiest of her children but also the brightest and tallest.

Vasomotor rhinitis with allergic sinusitis and headache

A 28 year old lady with symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis, with edema of the mucous membrane accompanied by headaches did well on Nux Vomica but the condition kept lingering over a few weeks until it was discovered that she used to get urticaria which looked edematous and the appearance of the mucous membrane was noted. The itching accompanying the rhinitis also pointed to Thyroidinum which was given with clearing up of the rhinitis and headache within 24 hours.

Compare with the following remedies:

1. Iodum which is an important component of the thyroid hormone has many of the symptoms of Thyroidinum but Iodum is aggravated by heat

2. Arsenicum Album has a complementary relationship and has been known to cure myxoedema and psoriasis when characteristics match

3. Bacillinum: Cases needing thyroidinum are frequently easily infected with the TB bacillus and thyroidinum is frequently needed to complete the actions after Bacillinum in PTB

4. Lachesis : wakes up with a headache


This article does not record all of the symptoms and indications for thyroidinum since it has been better stated in several books including the two that I have referred to earlier that is:

1. Clinical Experience with Some Rare Nosodes, Thyroidinum, page 1 -27: by Ghosh S.K.

2. A dictionary of practical materia medica , Volume 3 page 1437-1443: By John Henry Clarke

Instead, I have written it to make it easier to spot cases in which there is a possibility that a prescriptions of Thyroidinum could help in the healing.

[i] Ghosh S.K. Clinical Experience with Some Rare Nosodes ISBN: 8180561208 ISBN-13: 9788180561207,publisher: B.Jain

[ii] Clarkes Dictionary of Materia Medica

[iii] http://www.jameslindlibrary.org/illustrating/articles/the-discovery-of-thyroid-replacement-therapy