Discovering Homeopathy

I was first introduced to homeopathy when I was in final year of medical school.  I was facing my final exams and was having a very bad attack of allergic rhinitis with allergic conjunctivitis. I was really sick, and with exams around the corner, I was almost unable to study when it was most crucial for me to do so.  A friend suggested that I go and see a junior who had studied another way of treating people.  I then heard the word Homeopathy for the first time in my life !

I  went for a consultation with my junior, it felt kind of odd to consult with my junior from my university, a fellow Malaysian but I was really desperate and was willing to try anything at that point.

To my surprise I was given 3 little packets of round balls,  each smaller than a lizard’s  egg and was told to place them on my tongue,  every 12 hours. How could 3 doses of some wee blobs of sugary medicine cure my allergies ?

The first packet I took before bedtime.  My chest felt kind of heavy but somehow I felt better in my emotions. I did not realise it at that time but my anxiety level had gone through the roof and added so much more to my allergies .

The next morning, I woke up for the first time in months without a pair of red swollen eyes and without my sneezes.
It was unbelievable!

I was able to sweep the floor without so much as a single sneeze and without having to put a wet cloth over the broom  which was a technique I had designed to allow me to sweep without sneezing.

Needless to say, my health issues did not stop me from studying from then on and I breezed through my papers and was even best student among the Malaysians of my batch in my university .

So there you have the reason for my lifelong passion for Homeopathy. I even owe my medical degree to homeopathic treatment.

The remedy that healed me at that point in time was Arsenicum Album.  My junior had seen in me the anxiety I had as well as the other features of Arsenicum Album which I exhibited very clearly when he took my case.

When I was back in Malaysia, I searched for and found homeopaths in Kampung Bahru, not far from Hospital Kuala Lumpur where I did my housemanship.

As soon as I finished my housemanship I signed up for classes with Mr Dali Muin who was my first teacher in homeopathy. I guess at that point, I became the first Malaysian doctor to take up Homeopathy. While I have no regrets taking up Homeopathy at a time when other doctors, my colleagues thought it was hocus pocus medicine, it did mean I was on a rocky road with no rewards in terms of recognition or acknowledgement. It may seem petty to need these but I think for most people these are not mere wants but real needs. Emotionally, I felt alone and pretty much isolated. Without the internet which connected me to homeopaths from beyond the borders of my country I am not sure how I would have borne the isolation.

It has not been easy for me , being a doctor and a homeopath and it was not until my quest for excellence in Homeopathy took me to UK where I was attached to the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine ( formerly known as the Royal London Hospital for Homeopathy) that I found people like me, medical doctors, many of them specialists who thoroughly believed in Homeopathy and practiced it with all of their patients .  They affirmed what I had been doing for very many years, integrating conventional medicine when needed  and treating homeopathically using different modalities for different conditions and different situations.

Emotionally, the experience was one that gave me my identity . I was able to look the doctors I met in the eye and tell them, I am a medical homeopath.

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