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Dato’ Dr. Suriyakhatun Osman MBBCh, MFHom, Dip Rep Med
Eczema is not a skin problem; it is a systemic problem that originates from a genetic predisposition as well as triggers that impinge upon the subject.
As such a holistic approach which deals with the genetic origins and the triggers are the most rational approach to healing eczema.
What is eczema?
This is a dictionary definition of eczema
“an inflammatory condition of the skin attended with itching and the exudation of serous matter.
(pathol) a skin inflammation with lesions that scale, crust, or ooze a serous fluid, often accompanied by intense itching or burning
Derived Forms
eczematous (ɛkˈsɛmətəs) adjective
Word Origin
from New Latin, from Greek ekzema, from ek- out + zein to boil; see yeast”
It has been described as a condition in which the immune system over reacts to substances in the environment as well as in the food. Essentially it is a skin condition in which there is itching with the formation of vesicles followed by scratching and excoriation which results in oozing of serious matter. Infection complicates and worsens the condition.
It usually affects babies and young children because their skin has less ceramides than older children and adults. This makes their skins more sensitive and causes it to excoriate more easily when scratched.
Having said that, it can affect people of any age and when it affects the older age group, it is generally thought that is not curable and can only be controlled by immunosuppressant drugs and creams as well as antihistamines.
There is a genetic predisposition that makes a person more likely to get eczema and a family history of allergic or atopic conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, urticarial makes a person more like to get eczema when they are exposed to various triggers that initiate the disease.
Conventional treatment seeks to suppress the over reactive immune system by means of immunosuppressive agents and antihistamines and antibiotics .
Mild cases are treated with topical applications which include emollients and also steroid creams. These however usually contain substances that are actually harmful to the skin for example propylene glycol and mineral oils.
Some skin specialists and pediatricians may advise allergy tests and avoidance of allergens in the food and environment. Immunologists would pay more attention to the allergens and may have methods of desensitization.
The condition tends to resolve itself as the patient grows older, usually because of the change in the target cells and as the eczema clears up, asthma or other allergies may become more prominent.
While the disease is not life threatening in most cases, the quality of lilfe of the eczema sufferer and their care givers is considerably diminished and in very many cases their whole like revolves around the eczema.
In some cases of eczema in infants however, it takes its toll in more serious manners such as malabsorption, failure to thrive and delayed milestones.

The Homeopathic approach to eczema.
The first thing a homeopath does is to take a full history. This will include the following items:
1. Mum pregnancy history
2. Birth history
3. Feeding history breast or formula
4. Diseases and interventions
5. Vaccination history
6. Family history
7. Time of itch and associated modalities of itch
8. Distribution and character of the eruptions
9. Perspiration
10. Thirst
11. Character of the stools, frequency etc
12. Temperament and emotions of the patient
13. allergies and intolerances including food
14. Associated conditions and complications
a. Marasmus protein calorie malnutrition
b. Malnutrition Kwashiakor enough carbs not enough proteins baby may be fat
c. Malabsorption
d. Delayed milestones
e. Herpes
f. Bacterial infections
g. Candida
h. Topical steroid withdrawal
Silica Malabsorption, constipated , sheep dung
Calc Carb Sour discharges, cradle cap , eggs aggravate, profuse perspiration, sour
Sulphur Heat aggravates, dry and very itchy
Morgan Pure , Morgan Gaertner Bowel nosodes, clear gut dysbiosis
Merc V Heat and cold intolerance, tend to pus formation
Mezereum Very chilly, moist eczema, purulent and scabs,
Rhus tox Burning itch, versicular, cold bathing aggravates
Sepia Itch when idle, activity ameliorates, milk aggravates,sweaty feet
Berberis aquifolium Skin and blood purifier
Lycopodium Distension bloating, bossy but obey authority nice at school mean at home
Pulsatilla Meat and nuts intolerance weepy clinging poor appetite
Ant Crudum Eczema with digestive symptoms, sensitive to cold bath, urticarial, honey coloured scabs, itch when warm
Dulcamara Itching worse cold, mucous secretions, loose stools, moist eruptions scabs
Oleander Itching scalp , distension with flatus incontinent stools, violent itching and suppressed perspiration
Carcinocin Universal allergies, family history of diabetes autoimmune conditions and cancer
Tuberculinum Indicated when asthma is also present with night sweats
Psorinum Chilly with bad skin and itching when warm in bed
Candida Nosode Ringworm associated and history of oral trush and candida
Cina & other worm remedies Itching nose and anus and presence of works
Staphylococcus Bacterial infections , infected eczema
Streptoccus As above
Thyroidinum Itching when cold, family history of thyroid complaints, delayed milestones not associated with marasmus
Cortisol Abuse of steroids
Cortico-ACTH To reactivate adrenal glands, in cases with severe stress issues

Potency and dosing
• LM s are preferred
• Diluting and increasing intervals between the doses when aggravations or improvements
• Recalibrating the dosing according to the response of the patient

Some considerations
Herpetiform eczema
• Cold sores infect the already present eczema
• HSV 1& 2
• Use the nosodes
• Main antimiasmatic remedies HSV 2
• MERC, Nat-m, Petr, Nit-ac, Calc, Thuj.
• Related remedies
• Sulph, Puls, Sep, Lyc, Phos, Rhus-t, Sil,
• Bell.

Eczema, Ringworm & candida
• Ringworm remedies
• Study the remedies and chose the one closest to the patients signs and symptoms
• This is done by noting the concomitants and the mental emotional picture as well as the physical generals
• A candida diet , prebiotics and probiotics hasten the cure .
Eczema marasmus and delayed milestones
This is a severe condition in which there is either a lack of appetite leading to malnourishment or, malabsorption when the appetite is may be good but there is loss of nutrient from diarrhea and from the skin via the eczema . A state of hypoalbuminuria is present .
This condition warrants hospitalization and homeopathic management has to be applied in tandem with hospital management AND drugs that are not normally recommended need to be deployed until patient is stable enough to treat at home .


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Reviewing Tempranz


The last weekend in March 2015 at an international homeopathy workshop at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, I was first introduced to Professor Dr Parinal Humranawala.  I had known about temperaments from many authors, the latest of whom is David Little and have diagrams of the Mappa Mundi but was never able to apply it very much because I did not have a systemic questionnaire style checklist to identify temperaments. All this changed over this weekend.

Dr Parinal Humranawala is not your average homeopathic doctor. She is one who has worked very hard to study the temperaments as it relates to remedies.

Our homeopathy teachers since the conception of homeopathy are many and the voluminous works one has to sift through to understand the relationship between temperaments and remedies is immense. Yet this lady who started out her internship in a conventional hospital, and even in her housemanship was referred to when conventional medicine did not have answers, was one who has done this for us.

The result is a software that user friendly and simple to use to help understand the temperament of a patient and to apply it in case taking to get a remedy that matches the patient.

Things are never black and white and no one person has a pure temperament and so too are remedies. The mixture of temperaments is also taken into account in the software.

The software which rides on the Hompath Wildfire is a perfect compliment to Wildfire.

Homeopaths have found that the more remedies added to rubrics from older repertories, the more difficult it is to find the similumum because the choice of remedies becomes too many to distinguish. In this, Wildfire which gives us a lot of the old repertories with cross references to help us find the rubrics is a godsend. Like any software, learning how to master the ins and outs is a must before one can find benefits in using it.

I have already started prescribing based on temperament and I hope it is clear that prescribing on the temperament is just one out of many methods of prescribing and all good homeopaths should have a repertoire of methods in their toolbox to address the myriad of problems homeopaths face every day in their practice.

For the Malaysians who have bought the software, I hope we can start a peer discussion group to be able to share our experiences and help each other treat cases.

Do contact me at

Dato’ Dr Suriyakhatun Osman

Medical Homeopath .

30th March 2016

tempranz Parinaz

Penyembuhan Penyakit Secara Alami


Ubat homeopathy
Ubat homeopathy


Badan kita ada cara penyembuhan tersendiri . Sesiapa yang dapat dirawat dengan cara penyembuhan yang menyokong badan untuk sembuh akan mengalaminya .

Cara rawatan alami termasuk mengubah pemakanan , menghentikan kimia dan racun, homeopathy, sebahagian dari rawatan herba ( rawatan herba juga boleh menjadi rawatan anti ) , pemakanan kesihatan , energy healing dan spiritual healing  serta lain-lain yang ada persamaan dengan yang disebut.

Namun kini disebabkan cara rawatan yang hanya melenyapkan simptom penyakit berleluasa, kita tidak faham cara badan sembuh dan inginkan supaya apa yang menyakitkan kita dinyahkan serta merta dengan mengunakan cara yang keras dan kimia serta dadah yang memaksa badan untuk tidak menunjukkan gejala sakit .

Jangan salah faham pula maksud saya ! Adakalanya tindakkan drug diperlukan ( drug action ) dalam menangani penyakit . Contohnya : bila tekanan darah terlalu tinggi akan menjejaskan jantung dan urat darah ( blood vessels ) maka adalah bahaya membiarkan tekanan darah terus tinggi !

Dalam situasi dimana gula dalam darah atau tekanan darah terlalu tinggi atau lelah menjejaskan pernafasan atau bengkak menghalang proses badan yang wajib, maka wajar mengunakan apa cara sekalipun untuk mengatasi keadaan . Inilah situasi untuk mengunakan ubat anti . Antiinflamatory, anti asthmatic , antihypertension dan ubat hypo; hypoglyceamic ( turunkan kadar gula ) .

Bila ada keadaan dimana pembedahan menjadi wajib untuk selamatkan nyawa maka adalah juga wajar menjalaninya !

Bila alat bantu nafas diperlukan atau intravenous drip perlu dipasang, ini juga wajar !

Untuk penyakit kronik yang tidak mengancam nyawa pula, yang disebabkan oleh fungsi badan yang tidak optima dengan penyebabnya terdiri dari  :

  1.  Kelemahan genetik
  2. Gaya hidup
  3.  Alam sekitar
  4.  Kimia ( inorganik)  dan toksin organik
  5.  Pemakanan tak seimbang /beracun
  6. Trauma pada emosi
  7. Trauma pada badan

Penyembuhan alamilah yang wajar dicari untuk merawat .

Dengan penyembuhan alami beberapa fenomena mungkin berlaku :

  1. Healing crisis : Sebagai contoh, bagi yang ada masaalah usus, mikrobiota dalam usus tidak optima, banyak patogen dari bakteria baik dan bila mengambil prebiotic atau probiotic reaksi awal adalah ceret beret dan berak berlendir . Ini disebabkan rombakkan yang dilakukan dalam usus apabila populasi bakteria baik meningkat dan bakteria dan kulat patogen mula mati mengeluarkan bahan buangan yang banyak.  Reaksi healing crisis perlu dibezakan dengan allergi /tidak serasi kepada pro atau prebiotic .
  2. Keluar ruam, bisul, kudis dikulit apabila penyakit dalaman dirawat . Contohnya pesakit ada lelah dan bila dirawat lelah kurang  kudis naik. Keadaan ini perlu ditangani dengan baik sebab jika merebak adalah bahaya. Kudis tidak sepatutnya merebak sehingga tahap bahaya .
  3. Penyakit sembuh, penyakit lama datang semula . Ini mengikut arah penyembuhan dan rawatan perlu disemak ( review ) serta bahan pengubatan disesuaikan semula dengan gejala dan semboyan terkini .
  4. Penyakit baik dibahagian atas dan timbul pula dibahagian bawah. Ini juga  adalah arah penyembuhan yang betul .
  5. Pesakit yang pendam perasaan bertukar menjadi pemarah ( ini adalah reaksi badan mengeluarkan punca penyakit yang selama ini dipendam )
  6. Emosi bertukar menjadi tenang dan wujud perasaan positif  dan tenaga bertambah

Rawatan salah arah bila berlaku perkara begini

  1. Timbul penyakit baru yang tidak pernah wujud sebelum ini : untuk rawatan homeopathy ini bererti ubat diberi terlalu lama dan diulang terlalu kerap atau ubat diberi secara komplex ( banyak ubat sekaligus )
  2. Penyakit kulit sembuh tapi datang penyakit jantung atau sendi ( arah penyembuhan  songsang)
  3. Untuk kes eczema yang ada dikaki , yang dikaki baik naik semula dimuka dan badan ( arah penyembuhan songsang )
  4. Penyakit fisikal baik tapi timbul murung, tak selera makan dan letih badan : petanda bahawa ubat sebenar tidak sembuhkan tapi hanya melenyapkan simptom sakit ( suppression of symptoms )

Akhirkata: Jangan ingat rawatan alami tidak ada risiko atau boleh silap . Jika penawar, supplement , ubatan yang diberikan tidak mengikut penyakitnya dan tidak mengambil kira gejala dan semboyan badan seperti watak, emosi, keadaan panas/sejuk , susuk tubuh, keturuan/genetik  maka rawatan alami bukan setakat akan gagal tetapi akan membahayakan !



Protokol Rawatan Ekzema

Protokol rawatan eczema ( bayi dan kanak-kanak )

During steroid usage - 27 Aug 2013 Topical steroid usage - 1 months and a half. Started with: 1. Elomet 2. Cutivate 3. Foban(H) - Hydrocort 0.1%
During steroid usage – 27 Aug 2013
Topical steroid usage – 1 months and a half.
Started with:
1. Elomet
2. Cutivate
3. Foban(H) – Hydrocort 0.1%

Pengambilan sejarah
1. Sejarah lengkap termasuk sejarah ibu mengandung, pemakanannya, penyakitnya dan ubatan serta emosinya termasuk keputihan dan lain lain
2. Sejarah kelahiran Caesar atau normal dan apa-apa ubatan intervensi saat kelahiran
3. Sejarah vaksinasi dan apa-apa tindak balas terhadap vaksinasi
4. Sejarah ubatan dan penyakit bayi sejak lahir hingga penemuan, termasuk apa-apa tindak balas terhadap penyakit, ubatan
5. Sejarah alahan kepada susu/makanan
6. Emosi ( takut, risau , periang etc dan tidur senang susah terjaga bila dan lain lain
7. Peluh
8. Najis , warna, kekerapan dan lain lain termasuk bau
9. Waktu waktu gatal dan lain lain modality sekitar gejala eczema termasuk tempat eczema, jenih kering atau basah , ada infeksi atau tidak dan lain lain
10. Sejarah penyakit keluarga
Protokol rawatan
1. Fokus pada pembetulan nutrisi, elak yang alah dan pilih ubat yang sesuai dengan alahan
2. Pilih penawar untuk ubatan/penyakit yang telah timbul sebelum eczema berlaku dan rawat untuknya . ( Causation and barriers to cure ) . Awas pengunaan steroid sebelum rawatan homeopathy memerlukan ubatan untuk pulihkan adrenal gland .
3. Rawat usus bayi dengan mengunakan penawar untuk betulkan bakteria usus . Ini termasuk bowel nosodes, candida nosodes, penawar seperti cina, aloe dan lain lain untuk usus
4. Selepas penawar untuk rawat usus diberikan , pilih pula penawar yang sesuai untuk gejala eczema yang ada.
5. Selepas usus dirawat, pada penemuan susulan pilih penawar constitutional
6. Ambil kira penyakit keluarga dalam memilih penawar yang serasi
7. Semasa awal rawatan gatal perlu dikawal dengan ubat antihistamine jika cara lain tidak berkesan
8. Mandian dan ubat sapu kena cari keserasian, perlu elak aquous cream , steroids, mineral oils, sabun dan kimia yang kuat ( harsh chemicals ) . Yang penting kulit tidak boleh dibiar kering .