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The last weekend in March 2015 at an international homeopathy workshop at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, I was first introduced to Professor Dr Parinal Humranawala.  I had known about temperaments from many authors, the latest of whom is David Little and have diagrams of the Mappa Mundi but was never able to apply it very much because I did not have a systemic questionnaire style checklist to identify temperaments. All this changed over this weekend.

Dr Parinal Humranawala is not your average homeopathic doctor. She is one who has worked very hard to study the temperaments as it relates to remedies.

Our homeopathy teachers since the conception of homeopathy are many and the voluminous works one has to sift through to understand the relationship between temperaments and remedies is immense. Yet this lady who started out her internship in a conventional hospital, and even in her housemanship was referred to when conventional medicine did not have answers, was one who has done this for us.

The result is a software that user friendly and simple to use to help understand the temperament of a patient and to apply it in case taking to get a remedy that matches the patient.

Things are never black and white and no one person has a pure temperament and so too are remedies. The mixture of temperaments is also taken into account in the software.

The software which rides on the Hompath Wildfire is a perfect compliment to Wildfire.

Homeopaths have found that the more remedies added to rubrics from older repertories, the more difficult it is to find the similumum because the choice of remedies becomes too many to distinguish. In this, Wildfire which gives us a lot of the old repertories with cross references to help us find the rubrics is a godsend. Like any software, learning how to master the ins and outs is a must before one can find benefits in using it.

I have already started prescribing based on temperament and I hope it is clear that prescribing on the temperament is just one out of many methods of prescribing and all good homeopaths should have a repertoire of methods in their toolbox to address the myriad of problems homeopaths face every day in their practice.

For the Malaysians who have bought the software, I hope we can start a peer discussion group to be able to share our experiences and help each other treat cases.

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Dato’ Dr Suriyakhatun Osman

Medical Homeopath .

30th March 2016

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